Thursday, 11 September 2014

Repowering London visit Rosendale School for a workshop on renewable energy and solar power

Questions: How is electricity made?& What does sustainable mean?
See above for some of the Year 5 answers
Question: How to use less energy?
1) at home 2) at school
Agamemnon Otero and Millie Darling from Repowering London explain solar panels 
Pupils play with solar powered fans
Pupils race solar powered toy cars 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Last meeting of the school year Wednesday July 9th All Saints Church 7-8pm

The last Rosendale Energy meeting of the school year will take place this Wednesday 9th July 7-8pm at All Saints Church on Rosendale Road. Entrance through the main double doors and upstairs on the left hand side. ALL VERY WELCOME! 

We are looking for volunteers to be on the rota for the Rosendale Energy Stall at The Summer School Fair or take energy surveys and field these into the community during the Summer and to be part of this new co-operative. Would you like to be a director, secretary, energy advisor or come to a workshop on draft busting in the Autumn? All levels of interest warmly invited.

This week on the agenda:

1. Identifying technical aspects that need clarification at the key sites, firstly for the school

2. Funding for feasibility - current status and options

3. Timetabling for new school year, how will the project progress over the Summer and into the new school year?

4. Outreach
 - Summer Fair at school - Rosendale Energy Stall - Energy surveys during Summer break - Energy efficiency workshops for Autumn - Autumn Fair at All Saints Church - Rosendale Energy Stall

5. Constituting a group. 

6. Any other matters

Excitingly before the end of the Summer term, Repowering London and Rosendale Energy volunteers will be visiting Year 5 to help them with their Angry Earth project with a renewable energy demo, discussion and workshop. 

New dates for your diaries for the monthly meetings starting in the new school year in September hosted at All Saints Church on Wednesday eves from 7- 8pm

September 10October 8November 12December 10January 14February 11March 11 

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Rosendale Energy meeting this Wednesday 30th April Alban Room All Saints Church 7-8pm

A brief update to let you know about the Rosendale energy meeting this week Wednesday 30th April 7-8pm at All Saints Church on Rosendale Road - all welcome. Entrance through the main double doors and upstairs on the left hand side.

We will learn at this meeting the outcome of  the cabinet office revue and confirmation of a Lambeth Community Energy Strategy. If it gets the go ahead the Repowering Lambeth Partnership can be finalised and the project with Rosendale Primary School, All Saints Church and the Lairdale Estate will have cabinet and council support to take next steps. 

Rosendale Energy is looking ahead to set up a cooperative and will need directors and a secretary. If you would like to be considered for these roles please come to the meeting and let us know. We are also looking for minute takers, social media enthusiasts, letter writers and any general supporters who can give regular time or just take part every now and then. We would love to hear from you in whatever capacity you are able to show your interest or support. Children are also welcome at the meeting - drawing is always available and their ideas and input are valued too.

Hope to see you on Wednesday (tomorrow) and welcome you on board to help set up the co-operative and take the next steps in creating a pioneering cohesive community owned renewable energy project.


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Rosendale Energy Meeting this Friday 14th 7-8pm at Rosendale School and Tuesday 18th at Rosendale Allotments 7pm

See below for an update on the last Rosendale Energy meeting and invitation to meeting this Friday 14th at Rosendale School and next Tuesday 18th at Rosendale Allotments.Parents, children, teachers, governors, local residents, all people of every faith all warmly welcomed to learn more about the project.

Meeting for Rosendale energy 28.2.14
1.1 Review actions from previous meeting 14.2.14
All Saints 
AB confirmed All Saints coffee morning has taken place with positive response to Energy project. 
Rosendale School
Zoe contacted Kate Atkins to discuss engagement with children through school curriculum.
KA explained by email 28.2.14 that school diary has been planned for the year but she will consider how to incorporate the project into the curriculum. 
KA requested a timeline prior to next meeting. 
Rosendale Energy Plan for 2-6 months engagement with school
Investigate options for involvement; 
- School Assembly  
- Year 5 'Angry Earth' project 
- School survey written by children sent home in book bags
- Solar panel stickers - badges for returned surveys
KR to action 13.3.14

1.2 Peer mentoring Fund: Update from AO
Awaiting appointment of Lambeth Community Energy Commissioner 
AO in discussion with Lib Peck to move forward with Lambeth to fund project.
Funding from Cabinet Office will provide following;
2 workshops per month for 1 year from March 2014 -2015
Solar panel making workshop, draft busting etc
Plus support for financial model with South Bank University

1.3 Community engagement 
Team to focus on starting engagement with community.
Lairdale Estate
CCo/ AB to organise flyer Lairdale Estate for 18 March meeting.
Weekend 15.2.14 or 16.2.14 door knocking to start survey of 12 questions to ask local people want they want ... Home energy audit, internships, workshops etc
ACTION ALL: 14.3.14 next meeting to role play survey for Lairdale Estate
All to read survey & responses sent by AO email dated 31.1.14

Elmgreen School
 Liz Myers to discuss involvement in energy project at Parent Council Meeting on Saturday 15.2.14 

1.4 Constitution of the co operative
Next step to discuss Transparency of co op. AO to support group on setting up Co-op. For example the use of Google Open source documents.

1.5 Technical: South Bank University
Preliminary solar study underway, next steps to review CHP & other technologies. AO & JS to meet to discuss the opportunity to include playing fields CIC in the energy project.

Attendees: Zoe Burt, Anna Birley, Liz Myers, Jo Stone-Fewings, Agamemnon Otero, Carol Costello, James Smith, Kristina Roszynski

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Positive news

Rosendale Energy had a positive response from the governors of Rosendale Primary School at the meeting last week. Together with support from All Saints church and residents of Lairdale estate we are making progress in creating a cohesive neighbourhood and generating excitement for this pioneering scheme to connect us up with renewable energy.

The other exciting news is that Repowering London have been successful in their very competitive bid for an award for a peer mentoring fund Community Energy Peer Mentoring Funding, so are in a strong position to help Rosendale Energy make the next steps.

Thankyou to all the new faces at recent meetings and from All Saints Church community group, always a delight to welcome new people and include your views and ideas.

Hope to see you all at the next meeting on Friday 14th February at Rosendale School for 7pm, please press the buzzer for reception and you will be directed where to go.

Many thanks

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Spring term Meetings

Rosendale Energy is meeting this Friday 31st January 2014
7- 8pm at Rosendale Primary School
Always  welcome new parents, teachers, governors, pupils and local neighbours 
& if you can't make this week, here are next few meeting dates: 

Friday 14 February – 7.00pm – 8.00pm 
Friday 28 February – 7.00pm – 8.00pm 
Friday 14 March – 7.00 – 8.00pm

In February we will be presenting the project vision to the school governors.
We look forward to engaging as many people in the community as possible - if you can help with this in any way, we would love to hear from you - thankyou.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New years Resolutions - Good to be Green

All welcome to first meeting of 2014 for Rosendale Energy, this Friday 17th January 7-8pm
at Rosendale Primary School
Would you like to be part of the group to help make community owned renewable energy a reality this New Year? Hoping so - see you Friday!
See below: Article in school magazine Rosendale Voice by Year 5 pupil about the project